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Hotel One Murree

Hotel one murree is one the best restaurant in this valley so if you want to get many advantages from this just visit one time this great motel. So there are many other hotels available in the town but I always recommend this because I visited there 10 times.

There all things are luxury I was so wonder that I am enjoying in the one of the biggest restaurant in this city and feeling my self some one special. If we talk about its price and rates it is cheaper than all its competitors. The motel owner said we are not making too much money from you we just want our customers to enjoy their holidays with ease.

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If you are going to compare its features with all hotels in this range surely hotel one will win.

  • The scenes are prettier than all other institutes like this.
  • It has more than 50 rooms you can choose according to your package.
  • Mini Bar is also available for enjoyment but I dont Like that.
  • Free Breakfast is best choice foe me because I love their breakfast.
  • Double your enjoyment with fastest internet in the whole city.



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